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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bringing Down The House(2003)-DvdRip-1(MU)link

a funny 03 classic
even though 03 aint really classic, its only 7 years old still funny though...

(info)-When a lonely guy meets a woman on the Internet who happens to be in prison, she breaks out to be with him, and proceeds to wreak havoc on his middle-class life

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Class Act (1992)

Duncan is a genius straight A student, Blade is juvenile delinquent. But because of a mix up with their school records, everyone thinks each is the other one. Now, Duncan kind of likes the attention from being thought of as a real bad dude, if only the school bully would stop trying to rough him up. And Blade definitely likes being thought of as important instead of as trouble, if only the teacher would stop hitting on him for a date

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ayomari The PBandJ Solution (Mixtape)

01 Choke Sandwich (Prod. by DizzyBeat Smith)
02 Happy Thoughts feat. TiRon (Prod. by Shondre & DJ Dahi)
03 Deleted Message (Interlude)
04 So-Called Twenties (Prod. by Cook Classics)
05 I Wanna (Journey) (Prod. by Les Nubians)
06 Just A Dreamer feat. TiRon & Tunji (Prod. by 5kin&Bone5)
07 Day By Day feat. TiRon (Prod. by SA-RA Creative Partners)
08 PB Manifesto (Prod. by Just Blaze)
09 Up feat. Charis (Prod. by Large Professor)
10 Why Can’t It (Prod. by James Poyser)
11 Body Language (Prod. by Corey ‘Latif’ Williams)
12 Everything Is Going Fine feat. TiRon (Prod. by Exile & Phonix)
13 Saved Message (Prod by Shuggie Otis)